The Party teats us with a new set of fragrances The Garden Party.

The four essences are completely natural, fresh and delicate, entirely created from pure floral extracts.

The white lily, the frangipane, the tuberose and the iris are classic and timeless flowers. very feminine, almost nostalgic, and surely unique from today's fragrances.

The choice of these essences comes from the desire to bring whoever wears them back in time, in a place much different than the ones we know.

The Garden Party

Evokes the settings of Old English Blossomed gardens and quite afternoon teas enjoyed under the shadows of centenary oaks by ladies in lace gloves, corsets and hates.

The packaging, like the perfume, is very elegant in its simplicity and celebrates the essences with bright pastel colors.

Like a fairy tale, asif time has stopped, these delicate perfumes present again the grace and style that are slowly disappearing in the frenzy of today world.