The story of this perfume is a modern fairy tale that began in Bologna in 1986.

The members are ten friends, very successful entrepreneurd, loved, respected and appreciated far beyond the boundaries of their hometown.

The ten gentleman meet often and while they certainly indulge in life's pleasures, they remain committed to joint humanitarian efforts and have funded many important international relief projects.

During these 22 years toghether,
the ten have committed to the philanthropic project of Salto, Paraguay, raising enough funds to build soup kitchens, schools, and after school facilities, and to ship clothing and food supplies on a regular basis.

They have also commissione exclusive gifts such as limited series edition of Patek Philippe and Cartier watches, personalized with the number 10 to celebrate their friendship and commitment to their exclusive brotherhood.

It was natural then for one of the member Paolo Borgomanero to find inspiration and dedicate the male version of "The Party in Manhattan" to this group of true gentlemen.