Few years ago, three friends from Italy decided to buy and relaunch the fragrance Acqua di Parma, more because of its history and its sentimental value to them, rather than an actual business venture. Little they knew Acqua di Parma would have fast grown into being an incredible business success, establishing what started as a nostalgic project into a high-end, worldwide luxury brand, to be purchased in 2002 by the LVMH Group.

Now Paolo Borgomanero, former president and co-founder of Acqua di Parma, is presenting a new fragrance dedicated to appeal to the discerning costumers who appreciate the luxury and charm of old times.

The Party in Manhattan

The Party in Manhattan is a 100% natural fragrance with a floral base and top notes of amber, rose and mandarin.

Launched in Italy in 2006, The Party was immediately and successfully placed in few, very carefully chosen boutiques throughout the country.

In the summer of 2007, the launch at Harrod's in London followed. A complete line of body products has now been added to the perfume, including body cream and shower and bath foam.